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the juice is loose

…what the shit did I just watch

the really comprehensive befuckening of a house

…ask a stupid question, I guess

wait look i found the real answer:

This is from a Norwegian television show called “Ikke Gjør Dette Hjemme” (Don’t Try This At Home). It’s basically Mythbusters with a sprinkle of Jackass on top. Every season is filmed at abandoned homes scheduled for demolition, where the two hosts seek to answer the burning questions most people have.”

…but what question led to THIS?

The question seems to be “what happens if you mixed elephant toothpaste, gasoline, and fire together in a staircase”, which, I don’t know why you would ask that very specific question but maybe it’s a burning question in Norway.

huh. That’s a hell of a thing.

wtf is elephant toothpaste.

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