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Stateside again!

I am back in Cali, and already I’m like…

This shit is too hot.

And my fucking passport dude asked me all sorts of invasive questions about my vision. I hate that shit. Like, you shouldn’t do that if you’[re in a position of authority. If your stamp determines whether or not a person can get back into their own country, you shouldn’t then take that and abuse it by asking people about their disability, because even if you don’t mean it that way, it feels like interrogation. It really bugs me.

I’m partially sighted, no central vision, extreme photosensitivity, and no depth perception. That’s fucking all yo9u need to know. I wear sunglasses when I like use a cane when I find the ground confusing, and I can still read sometimes, so to hell with you and your “I wonder if she’s lying” attitude.

I got to see my dogs again. I missed them. They went apeshit, which is weird because usually they don’t care about me, and because Ben has been home for a few days I thought they’d greet him and ignore me, but I got an hour of hugs, kisses, and belly rubs.

It was nice.

And I got to see my baby. Who told me she wanted us to be spooky things for Halloween. I put on my full body blackout suit and was her shadow for a few minutes, copying her movements, which she loved. Thai food and opening my mail. Wine and Netflix.

It’s nice to be home.

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