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A quick note: We often talk about the problem of TERF ideology as like excluding trans women from spaces for cis women and thats true and good, but I think the framing often has an underlying current of “poor trans women being deprived of solidarity from cis women"  and for a variety of political reasons I also want to be able to say that TERF ideology hurts feminism by denying cis women with solidarity from trans women. We have something to offer, we have unique experiences which bring to bare unique perspectives in the fight against patriarchy. Our exclusion doesn’t just hurt us as if we are helpless without cis women, but rather it hurts cis women too whose lives are less rich and whose perspectives are less diversified because of our absence. We have value to bring to the feminist movement, our lives have something to contribute to the struggle, our inclusion is necessary not simply because we are hurt by its absence, but because feminism is worse off without us.  

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