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Best-dressed protestor att the anti-nazi/nazi rally in Gothenburg today.
“Vikings against incorrect use of runic script”


A bit of context for English-speaking heathens, reenactors, and other Viking enthusiasts, so that people don’t make the mistake of believing the above protester is actually just complaining about runes. The Swedish neo-nazi movement Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen (NMR, ‘Nordic Resistance Movement’ (Wikipedia link)) uses the tīwaz/Týr rune as their logo, basically the way the American National Socialist Movement uses the ōþila rune. In Sweden (where in some places runes are even still taught in schools) people are particularly disturbed by the usurpation of their history and culture and fighting back to reclaim the Týr rune has been an effective rallying point for undermining the nazis’ message by promoting knowledge about the things they lie about in order to stake a claim that they are representing their cultural heritage (link is in Swedish). The above protest was attended by members of Samfundet Forn Sed, Heathens United Against Racism (with some overlap between the two), and the guy pictured above was protesting with Vikingar Mot Rasism ‘Vikings against racism.’ The movement “No Tiw for Nazis” is on Facebook.


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