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A man talks about his sick baby. Cries constantly. It’s an uncomfortable video to watch at times. It really is.  A little too raw and emotional for live TV.

At the end, he is relieved his sick baby is OK and hopes other sick babies can be OK. There’s a (subtle) acknowledgement of his status and wealth and we, the viewer, understand his kid got the best treatment possible. (He’s a rich talk show host, after all.) 

But his point is: He doesn’t think it should matter if a sick baby is poor: they should get healthcare. He knows the system is unfair and wants to fix it. He saw all those other families at the children’s hospital and understood they weren’t like him and didn’t have his money.

 And he gets called a snobbish elitist for this. (Um, isn’t what he is saying the opposite of elitism?)

When you realize how deranged, cold-hearted and hypocritical the GOP has gotten. You’d rather call him “a Hollywood liberal” than cope with the truth of what he is saying.

He also taken those bastards to task more times than I can count.

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