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Giant Straw Animals Invade Japanese Fields

Fall is a season of harvesting, and
festivals to celebrate it are currently taking place all over the world.
In Northern Japan, the Wara Art Festival
recently rang in the September-October rice season, and it’s a wildly
inventive and fun way to repurpose rice straw left over from the

Art Festival has been taking place in Niigata City since 2008, where it
began as a creative collaboration between the city’s tourism division
and the Musashino Art University. Rice straw was once widely used in
Japan to produce various goods, such as tatami mats, but has now been
replaced by wood and plastic in most instances. The students of
Musashino worked together to fill the fields of Niigata with giant
animal sculptures made of bound rice straw, and they’ve been doing it
every year since then.

Check out the
best displays from the 2017 festival below, and definitely put a trip to
Japan on your fall to-do list for next year.

More info: Wara Art Festival (Japanese), Facebook

| Via BoredPanda



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