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I want to go to a con dressed as Lance and kiss a random Keith on the cheek just to see their reaction

Oh! And someone dressed as Pidge needs to record it

Pro-tip: Don’t.

I uh…. don’t see an issue? I’ve seen this done plenty of times? I just want to do it myself I’m sorry?

Let me explain, then. Speaking as someone who cosplays Keith, who has been touched/hugged/kissed/squeezed, etc by Lance cosplayers at almost every single con without my consent: Don’t.

You are a stranger, and it’s uncomfortable all around. Particularly when I can tell that the cosplayers are significantly younger than me and probably minors when I am very much not. 

Cosplay does not equal consent.


why dont you people know how to act in public

Ok, so…true story.

I was dressed as Gaara, back when he first turned good, and became the Kazekage. I went to a competition and my costume was a super success. I had the full new outfit and my makeup was sick. It was such a nice costume that the manga-ka guest for the convention came to me and asked if I’d take a picture with her, because “This is the best Gaara I’ve ever seen”. (I’m telling you this to let you know that this costume got a lot of attention, and because I do this all the time, I was cool with attention and knew what I was getting into).

I am waiting at the elevator with my friends and husband, and all of a sudden, a wait comes at me full force and knocks me into this half wall. The wind is knocked out of me. Then I feel this slimy tongue slide up the back of my neck, and over my ear. Someone proceeds to lick my ear and slobber all over me. I like shoved them back. It was some fangirl and her friends who had tackled me bodily, damaging my costume and really pissing me off.

Like, yeah…thanks for the fucking compliment, but jesus fucking christ, do you not understnad that is fucking disgusting?

I had to sanitize my face, redo my makeup, fix my gourd, because the bitch caved it in when she tackled me (which was not easy to do, because while it was plasticized, it had a portion of it that opened like a door so that I could use it like a backpack, and she hit me so hard that she warped the segment holding the camouflaged hinges just enough so that the door wouldn’t close. Thank god I had duct tape and shit with me.) It took two hours out of my prepaid convention and was really invasive and not cool.

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