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Was binging “The Defenders” today

Episode 3: when Daredevil is being followed and picks the footsteps out of a crowd.

Guess what motherfuckers? That’s real. I have done that almost exactly the same way, and it has saved me from being robbed.

Look… when the original daredevil movie came out I got a bunch of bullshit from people asking me if when I went blind my other senses became stronger. That’s not how it works. Your other senses don’t become stronger. What is happening is that your brain is now interpreting other information more vividly. Like, when one sense goes silent, the brain listens more closely to the others.

So I took a lot of crap for it, but was constantly educating people I went blind this actually does to the senses. What has impressed me about the show, and all the other marvel Netflix shows, is that the blindness is actually extremely well portrayed.

He even uses proper cane etiquette and techniques for the most part, though personally there’s lots of times when he is using the standard hold where I would have choked up on it for crowd density.

So this gets me to my next post which is a PSA on blindness and how to deal with it as a sighted person.

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