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This is so true.

Back when I was a teenager, I was sure self conscious. I felt so out of place no matter where I went. If I was with straight kids and dropped any hints I found girls attractive, I was a lesbian. If I was with gay kids and mentioned I thought a guy was attractive, I was straight and therefore not invited. If it was a mixed crowd and I mentioned liking both, I was accused of being a liar or told I was weird, or worse, told by the gay kids hat I was making their life more difficult. Or “pansexuals don’t exist!” Right now, on my novel about a boy who isn’t sure if he’s nonbinary, written by me, who is non-binary, someone said “Even though I don’t agree with nonbinary, this story is good”.

Excuse me? Guess Immnot the right kind of queer, though it’s good enough to write a book with which you identify and that makes you happy…

So I kept it hidden. And then I just couldn’t anymore.

I am not a girl. I’m not a guy. I’m not looking to be one or the other. I like girls. I like guys. I like trans. I like everything. To me, sex is an extension of how my personality gets on with yours. That’s all.

But I’ve had to fight every single group I know to have the right to be me and be happy with it.

“I’m not queer enough” was my mantra. And guess what? I’m queer. So now when someone says that shit that makes me feel like I’m not good enough, I throw that word “queer” at them and say “Guess what? You’re just a bigot in sheep’s clothing. Go fuck yourself”.

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