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WOW. THIS HAS TO BE THE MOST GREEDY AND DISGUSTING THING IVE EVER SEEN AN ARTIST DO TO THEIR FANS OMG. Taylor is literally making her fans buy the album MULTIPLE times and also purchase merchandise just to get a “Chance” at getting tour tickets so she can boost her album sales and revenue. She really is a greedy capitalist monster

what a joke like “look what you made me do” lmao no hun you did this to yourself

I fucking hate that phrase. It just shouldn’t exist. “Look what you made me do” is abusive language. It’s “Look what I lacked the self-control to prevent myself from doing because I was upset about something you did.” Everybody is responsible for their actions. It’s such bullshit. 

That’s completely divorced from Taylor Swift. Like…girl had a legit story, right? She worked her ass off at a young age to become successful, with her own mojo. But then she just started writing stuff that just sounds vindictive and mean, and now this, all while pretending to be a darling angel with a squeaky clean image.

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