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For those who do not know. Green Day’s “NO TRUMP, NO KKK, NO FASCIST USA” is a reference to the line “NO WAR, NO KKK, NO FASCIST USA” line from MDC’s song Born to Die from 1982. It includes lines like “A racist dream, a world of hate with no regret a Nazi state” before the quoted line. 

Shout out to Green Day for both referencing their forefathers of angry political punk and for calling out shit dick elect Donald Trump on national TV.

I read an interview with MDC after the AMA performance and they said that they came up with this chant because KKK members were showing up at their shows, trying to recruit punk kids.

Punk is not a safe space for fucking white supremacists and it never has been.

If you see Nazi terrorist SCUM at a punk gig the correct think to do is find the nearest glass or heavy bottle

And smash it over their skull

Honestly this almost happened at a hardcore show I went to once, it was even better, the dude with the biggest Mohawk was voluntarily swung around


Good days of my high school when I went to hardcore shows lol

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