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Behold, the Ta-Ta Towel – would you wear this cloth boob sling?

  • Do you ever find yourself derailed by boob sweat? Do you sometimes wish you could just holster them in some sort of suspension harness and get on with your life? If the answer to either or both is yes, Erin Robinson, creator of the Ta-Ta Towel, has excellent news for you.
  • The Ta-Ta Towel is a nipple-friendly, rayon-lined terry cloth halter bra that reportedly keeps breast skin away from torso skin, allowing the wearer’s bosom to breathe. Available in sizes C to H and a bevy of cheeky prints, the Ta-Ta Towel has garnered enthusiastic praise from users for its comfort, its convenience and its suitability for breastfeeding.
  • Based on an instructional video, it looks like the Ta-Ta Towel can be tightened via an internal elastic cord that toggles at the neck. The user situates the ladies in their cups, then lifts them up and away, the terry cloth trapping sweat so it doesn’t trickle down the stomach. Read more. (8/4/2017)

OH MY GOD!?!?!

Sometimes I just hate the way my breasts sitting on my torso feel, this would be amazing

ive been doing this with a tshirt for years, im mad i didnt think of mass producing this

Some IG boutique gon take this idea and make it to be worn in public and some IG model gon wear it and titties gon be out in public all summer ‘18

This aint for the itty bitty titty committee

finally they thought of us big titty hoes

I need six.


I am gonna make this right now……and also, why is this not a bra?

I imagine that if you are OVERLY well endowed, that wearing this full time would cause serious neck strain, and damage to the rest of the spine, but as a short-term (very short term, like a few hours a day, IF that) this is fucking amazing!

I have friends who are VERY well endowed, who could use this though, especially after showers.

Like I said, I feel like the design could be modified

Just. Just buy or make a crop top or bralette. this is a crop top with the back and middle bit removed. you can make a bralette or simple crop top out of a towel. this is lunacy. It is seriously a bralette missing bits, with the straps removed so you end up having the full weight of your tits rubbing your neck raw with a towel. 


I’m a D. I feel like this would be ok for me. More, maybe not.

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