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ITV are planning on making a new “darker” Pride & Prejudice adaptation and i literally can’t right now

no don’t worry they’re just blowing out the candles and filming at night

“In vain I have struggled. *stumbles over a chair* It will not do. *knocks over a vase* My feelings will not be repressed. *Walks into the sofa* You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire *stumbles again* and love you. *has just confessed his undying love to the piano, Elizabeth is quietly leaving the room*”

@thebibliosphere is this your kind of vibe?

It is entirely my kind of vibe.

I would watch it, although, to be fair, the darkest Pride and Prejudice would just come with a precursor saying:

“Audience will now don licenseed Dark-D eyewear. Personal blindfolds will not function properly”

You don’t like P&P films?

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