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The “tattooist” behind them is actually
Fabio Viale, an Italian artist who aims to show us a new way of looking
at the old and familiar. Using the bodies of famous sculptures such as
the Venus de Milo as his canvas, the artist decorates them with
realistic tattoos inspired by the patterns born by Russian gangs and the
Japanese Yakuza. The end result delivers a sharp contrast between the
traditional purity associated with white marble statues, and the dark
and gritty connotations of the contemporary body art they bear.

More info: Fabio Viale (h/t: Demilked, ufunk) | Source

okay. but this is pretty fuckin cool

Did you know that those sculptures were all once painted? The Greeks and Romans painted them with reds, blues, and gold, the colors just faded and eroded over time.

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