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Look what I made from my finds at the Burough Highgate Market! It’s a “plowman’s board”!

Suck it @simonalkenmayer!!!! Failure, my ass!

There’s two kinds of mixed grain toast points, cured Italian ham, four cheeses including a cheese made in Bath, Cornwall, and Lancaster, and a Gouda made in Italy. The tomatoes are heirloom cherries. Mixed nuts from a stall. Rosemary and basil olive oils. Strawberries, oranges from my local Indian grocer. Mixed dates from Lebanon. The balsamic isn’t actually balsamic. It is a bottle of red wine and a bottle of cava I had in the fridge. I boiled them down with a few dates in, a bunch of sugar, a little lemon juice, and it basically tastes like a balsamic glaze. And it’s not in the pic, but I went and grabbed my spicy English mustard.

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