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The fourth in a series of Disney Princesses with Service Dogs!

Here’s Rapunzel with Complex PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Her service dog is helping her snap out of a very strong dissociative state, then providing tactile stimulation for comfort and grounding!

C-PTSD is a type of response to prolonged trauma (frequently in childhood). DID is a creative and adaptive response to severe trauma, where an individual’s brain compartmentalizes experiences into two or more identities. It’s a pretty incredible way of the mind coping with trauma.

Feel free to share to raise awareness and acceptance for people with disabilities and service dogs!

~Also, I’d really appreciate if you could donate to my service dog fundraising campaign here. I need to raise about $5000 by June! https://www.youcaring.com/ariensmith-759774 It would mean a lot!~

(P.S. My main disorders are both of these that Rapunzel has!)

This is rad!

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