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Ok so I’ve been reading this massive post about mansplaining you put up and I understand what it is, where a man tells a woman she is wrong and he is right because he is a man and she is a woman and he tells her what he think is the right answer. But honestly I’ve never seen this happen in real life, nor has any female person I’ve ever met. Plus I kinda find it offensive when you use the term men, as that insinuates all men and trust me there are a lot of good men who aren’t sexist like that.




Firstly… I see it happen so often it is ridiculous. Perhaps you live in an area where women are treated inherently differently. In which case, very good! Stay there.

Secondly… it is a male activity. Exclusively. Otherwise it wouldn’t be “mansplaining” but simple condescension, as we’ve already discussed. I cannot change that it is a male activity. That is its singular identifying characteristic. I honestly have nothing to say to your offense except “Don’t be offended that some men do something evil” this discussion serves to call male attention to their actions. And as I have said repeatedly, even perfectly decent men sometimes do this without realizing it. It is unavoidable. Men have received inherent privilege for centuries and have to learn not to act on it.

My warnings to men are advisory. They are designed to make men aware. In the same way that I would ask caucasians to raise their hand and step forward if they would like to be treated as POC are treated. To a white person, that kind of direct confrontation of their privileged position can feel like a slap to the face, but…so what? Just because the white person to whom I speak is not a racist doesn’t mean they don’t need to be aware of the behavior. They absolutely do, if only to stop others from doing it.

If you are male and you hear a man mansplain, it should anger you. If it doesn’t, you might as well be doing it yourself.

So, I am sorry you’re offended by my confrontation of a negative behavior, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Lucky you, OP, because I have had men try to mansplain pregnancy and labor to me. Uh…nope. NOPE. You don’t get to correct my vagina because my having a vagina invalidates my fucking vaginal awareness and education. I don’t need you trying to tell me that back labor is a myth, because bitch, I’ve had needles in my fucking eyeballs for six years, and back labor is the most fucking painful thing I have ever endured in my life. It’s rare, but it ain’t a hoax, and until you have a man stick his hand in there to stretch you out so he doesn’t have to take a scalpel to it to cut you wide open…until you have ONE HUNDRED FUCKING StItCHES IN YOUR SCROTUM, you don’t get to call me a wuss for getting an epidural. Go fuck yourself with that genderfied bullshit.

Like Simon said, men just do it because society has trained it into them. They are just taught that they’re allowed to talk whenever, and there’s not as much of a filter. I can’t remember where that study is (I saved it somewhere) that shows that not only do men in academic settings talk more, they also HAVE NO AWARENESS of how often women talk, mistakingly assuming that the women in the class spoke more than the men, even though they spoke 30% less. That kind of shows a socially engrained misconception about the validity and necessity of female communication.

Maybe you have seen it and you just didn’t know it, because it wasn’t directed at you, or you’ve been blinded to it. But yeah… it happens, and even good guys like my husband do it.

What on the gods green earth did he say to you, this all-knowing entity of child labor?

And secondarily, I like this trend of seeing you more often. I assume it is because you are traveling?

Him: “Oh you had that? I’ve heard of that, but you know it’s only the hormones they give you right?”

Me: They didn’t give me any hormones. It’s something that sometimes happens and they don’t know why.”

Him: “ It’s the pain medicine. You should have gotten up and done some yoga instead of getting the medicine. That’s what I would do.”

Here, let me rectally insert this watermelon so that it gets lodged in your pelvis and might have to be surgically removed so it doesn’t kill you/die, and I will ask you if you want to do yoga while I do, oh, and here, please read this text book on how pain medication does not trigger grand mal seizure level back spasms.

NOPE. You don’t get to say stuff like that, even if my vagina means I don’t have a brain.

And yeah, you see more of me because I’m like eight hours ahead and not playing with a toddler.

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