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I love my husband




But god damn do I feel like picking up a hot girl – thick, thin, tall, short, blonde, brunette or ginger – in a club and getting crazy for a night.

You know what I mean? Sex doesn’t need to be a thing. I just wanna dance and make out and bully the friend-zoners who hit on her. Tell her how nice she smells and how amazing her presence is. Maybe write my name on her cleavage or some shit.

Whatever aesthetic that is…I’m down.

Where do all these girls hang in this area? Seriously.

And just so you get what I’m saying, this offer stands for ALL women. trans, pan, ace, bi, aro, lesbian. Don’t discriminate against faith or color, body type, or interests. I just wanna take a lady out and have a blast and I like everything.

Discerning taste.

everyone is beautiful and sexy. I love their soul. The body is a vehicle, and no matter how awkward, every person can be gorgeous if you get them in the right mood. I wanna do that. That’s my drug.

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