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Anonymous insults


This is a fascinating new development of the modern age. Before this era it was impossible to insult someone anonymously. There was no means of going about it. Because of this, humanity is still working out the mental machinery for dealing with the capability – much as it took man a bit of time to work out that there needed to be time zones drawn out in indelible lines, because suddenly man could move through them at speed.

See it from my perspective – one which remembers that previous age and shakes their head in absolute confusion at you – an anonymous person To whom I have absolutely no connection, decides to shout at me about what a terrible person I am. This person undoubtedly presumes that their words have some sort of merit, and that I am meant to take something from them, make some corrections to my behavior, or be hurt by their censure. They expect me to feel…what precisely?

Hurt? Why would I be hurt by some coward shouting at the wind in full blatant ignorance of fact?

So I address the points, shake my head, and wonder how these people ever come to the rational thought that, yes, they should most definitely tell that person they’ve never met what they think, even if it is wrong, and protect themselves from being held to account by wearing a mask. I mean really…how does that thought process work?

Humans have always enjoyed raising hell over nothing. The drama makes them feel that life is a swollen sponge of meaning and purpose, not a cold machine that churns out a static amount of trauma and joy in equal measures.

At first, when this began, I found it very hateful and rude, and suffered the immediate urge to rip something into pieces with my teeth, but now, after having been at this for some years…

It’s just stupid. Humans are stupid. I mean truly stupid. And I am bored. And so they just keep at it

It’s astonishing.

Right? It’s like who the fuck are you and why do I give two shits what you think? Huh? Does this make you feel important or accomplished? Yeah? Ok. But I’m the one who needs to change. ROTFL

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