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For my first post on this new blog, I thought I’d post some pics of random things that I may not have shown y’all before! 

There’s the Baby Groot, which sits in my curio cabinet now! Ain’t he cute?

The large goldfish was a gift for a friend (that friend turned out to be awful, but I’m still proud of the fish!).

Both bunnies were gifts for different friends, and were fun to make! 

The doily was my first attempt at crochet lace, and I’m very pleased with it! The little flower in the same colors was just a regular crochet pattern done with crochet thread! It’s pretty! 

The little gray cat was a gift for a friend, and was so much fun! I love that pattern!

The holly leaf I did around Christmas time last year just for the hell of it. It’s out of one of my favorite books, 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet!!! It was actually the first crochet book I bought for myself!

omg i want that groot!!!

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