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I love my husband



But god damn do I feel like picking up a hot girl – thick, thin, tall, short, blonde, brunette or ginger – in a club and getting crazy for a night.

You know what I mean? Sex doesn’t need to be a thing. I just wanna dance and make out and bully the friend-zoners who hit on her. Tell her how nice she smells and how amazing her presence is. Maybe write my name on her cleavage or some shit.

Whatever aesthetic that is…I’m down.

Where do all these girls hang in this area? Seriously.

Your in the U.K., yes? Go to a lesbian bar.

Naw man…it ain’t like that. People go to bars to meet people they want to have relationships with. I don’t want that. I’m in a relationship. I just want to take a girl out and treat her right…i don’t know, like…I can’t explain it. I just wanna make a girl really fucking happy and possibly bi curious. No strings attached, no hurt feelings when I go back to my deep spiritual connection.

That’s all. I have been to lesbian bars. There is a vibe. Like if you ain’t here for “THIS” please don’t bother us. And I don’t want to interrupt their fun. I just wanna meet a girl, sweep her off her feet, flirt shamelessly, stic k my tongue in her mouth, and give her really high expectations and a boost to her self-confidence.

I’m also totally down for a really deep philosophical conversation that lasts all night. While cuddling

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