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Real authentic Lebanese food…AMAZING.


So, the tray with the little tiny dishes and the tortilla like breads is basically like tiny little burrito. You bake the tortilla on the little burner and stuff it with olive oil, and different tapenade type things.

The drink is lemon mint juice with pine nuts, cinnamon, and golden raisins on top. And the little shot of white liquid is a kind of alcohol they make that tastes sort of like ouzo. It is mixed with water and turns white like absinthe.

The salad is basically a green salad with cucumbers and tomatoes that is tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette with sumac.

The dish suspended from the hook has an omelette, pickles, sausages, and my favorite thing: chicken livers cooked in this pomegranate reduction that was incredible, and potatoes tossed in herbs.

The thing with the skewers was basically grilled beef, chicken, and vegetables with garlic paste and other condiments.

It was all so good. I ate so much. And I have more pictures of food to come!

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