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So…I ate these things.

Also drank only local spirits. That was cool. Ouzo tastes like licorice. Retsina is white wine with a hint of pinesol, and tsipouro is like Greek vodka. Pretty interesting.

@simonalkenmayer @unicornofthecentury

What are they? I can see that one is a fish, but what sort? Bass? The meat is cured pork, obviously.

It’s a Sea Bream. And the dip is like the best onion dip ever. It’s called Taramas, and it’s basically blended bread, onions, and fish roe. I also ate melon. I know I’m allergic, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t react because I’ve been on prednisone and benedryl, and boom…I got to eat Honeydew with only mild allergic reaction!

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