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I hate Peppa Pig almost as much as Mickey Mouse


This show is appalling. It teaches nothing but rubbish. I just watched them somehow manage to genderfy colors, hint that women are not even fit for home making, subtly assert that femininity cannot also be sportsmanly, and them make a lame attempt to subvert those things by making the whole thing ironic.

To be more precise: Daddy Pig has his football shirt hanging up near the children’s muddy puddle. It gets splashed. They was it with Peppa’s red dress. Yes, thank you for teaching the children to sort laundry rather than to read or dream or explore. So the shirt is made pink. Daddy Pig arrives and says “I can’t wear a pink shirt to football!” And when Peppa says, quite rationally, “Why not? It’s a lovely color!” Daddy Pig asks the little boy – a baby not old enough to know anything about gender – he says “Yuck”. The announcer declares that the little boy does not like pink. The team shows up, and Daddy Pig is “forced” to play football in his white undershirt. Which he then gets covered in mud.

What the hell are you teaching your children.

Every single episode I have watched has suffered beneath my wrath. At least now they won’t watch it anymore. What a god awful show.

On a positive note, I have found one I quite like, called “Wallykazam”

Very nice.


Hate that show

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