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Why did Snapchat think it was a great idea to let others see where exactly you are? This could actually lead to terrible consequences. Like the National Security Agency spying on every and each of us wasn’t enough, now Snapchat allows stalkers and (potential) rapists see where you are at any moment. 

For ghost mode zoom out instead of zooming in on the camera. 

Reblog to save a life!

Maybe mine hasn’t updated?!?! I can’t see this!!

Duuuuude I had no idea about this until I saw this post. How creepy!!!

signal boost


– going into the camera mode
– pinching the screen which will open up a map
– select the gear in the top right hand corner
– select ghost mode to turn off this feature

one thing my sister brought up about this that has me even more concerned about this new feature. The map when you zoom out will show you all of the hotspots where the most people are, where big events are happening. After what happened in Manchester is that really such a good idea? Like hey here’s a map of all of the places where you can target large groups of people today!

also i’m concerned about children using this feature, this is so dangerous and creepy. Even if they go ghost themselves they can still see snaps of other people nearby and all over the world, snaps that could be explicit and sexual.

Boost mobile did this ages ago and then Facebook had it for a bit, and I was like…this is a bad idea. Someone will get hurt.

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