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Tumblr censoring lgbt content is why we don’t want corporations at pride lmao

for everyone that doesn’t see the problem with corporations at pride: they are not here for us. they do not truly care. we are profit to them. we are the opportunity for profit. nothing more. do not forget that many of these corporations enforce oppressive structures that literally kill us. they partner with the police, with politicians, they are not for us. do not forget this.

what this also means is that if lgbt rights ever cease to be profitable, corporations will not hesitate to dump their support of us in favour of reverting to whatever stance is most profitable. this is why you can’t rely on corporations for support–they will prioritize making a profit over doing the right thing at any day of the week. this sort of conditional support is inexcusable and not the sort of support we need or should encourage.

Anthropologists are doing incredible research on this Corporate advertising causes policy trend. It basically boils down to normal people leveraging corporations in order to feel good about their social standing. Meaning they buy a product because the product claims to support LGBTQ or cancer or whatever, when the corporation only actually puts out a few pennies to the dollar to charity, and then writes that off against taxes, and the people who buy the product get to feel good that they’ve supported a cause.

Guys…if you want to support a cause, take that twenty bucks you were going to use to buy pink Five hour energy shots and donate it to the actual Breast Cancer Research funds…because if you read the packaging, those corporate fucks only donate like 2% of proceeds from those marked packages, and then they write that off and get out of paying taxes that end up supporting the people with fucking cancer.

No corporations at Pride. Ever.

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