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the speed limit is 720 fuCKING MILES PER HOUR.

It’s actually 45… how… how did you get 720?

No? Shouldn’t it be 180?

No, I think 45 is right. 2 times 45 is 90, and 360 divided by 4 is 90, so yeah, 90=90.

Yeah, but if x = the sum of 360/4. then it should be 2 multiplied by x, (90). Yeah?

If it was 2 times 45, 360/4 would have to equal 45, and it doesn’t.

I dont get what yall are saying

But 2x = (360÷4) is 2x=90 so x = 45

Tumblr: School is dumb I don’t need math
Tumblr: The speed limit is 720 mph

The speed limit is indeed 45

​2x=(360:4) and you have to solve the () bit first so 360:4=90 which means that 2x=90 then you divide it through 2 at both sides so you get 2x/2=x and 90/2=45 which means x=45

Yeah, you’re right. I’m so confused as to what other people were doing. This is why math is important folks. =)

Guys….You’re not learning that shit to actually use it. Unless you want to. You’re learning that shit to get exposed to it and to understand rational thought. You’re conditioning your brain. When a fucking body builder is pushing a tractor tire uphill, it ain’t cause he wants to fucking change a tire. It’s to learn how to be strong. Ater he gets that strong, he pushes other shit uphill. It’s basically all about pushing shit uphill and knowing how to think.

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