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Anonymous said Hi, I’m a non-binary kid who’s having a really hard time with dysphoria as well as people who I thought were nice people being transphobic. Also only a few people call me by my preferred name and use my preferred pronouns and it’s making me feel really depressed and bringing back a lot of old suicidal thoughts. Do you by any chance have any advice? If you can help that’s a lot đź–¤


Text/Call someone and talk to them. It helps to get it out:


If you can, remove everyone that hurts you out out your life. From your ask, I can’t tell if your parents support you or not, or your exact age, so I don’t know if you can remove your parents from your life.

Spend more time with the people that respect you, tell them about the people that aren’t respecting you, ask them to help you. Ask them to be your defense.

You can message me via tumblr message at anytime. 

Keep holding on, you deserve to be happy.

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