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According to buzzfeed (which is tumblrs only news source) I’m not privileged even though tumblr says I am as a white gay male. Hmmmmmmm. Which is true?

you really aren’t privileged to have to walk through life with a hairline and some forehead wrinkles like that. my condolences

lol alright chubs

chubs? that’s it? that’s all you could manage after like 7 hours of waiting? because first off you’re not skinny. idk if you thought you was or what but that’s a lie. second off your dick looks like a cartoon. and that’s not a compliment. it’s so humorously ugly and pink that it looks like it’s made out of bologna and that’s probably what it smells like too 🤢 yoinks! third it’s good you kept this reply short! all your hair is already falling out it’d be a shame if you got a lil too riled up and lost the 5 strands you have left on your head! so again my condolences. i have a lot of empathy for the elderly so i feel for you. i’d be pissed off too if i was white and a man and i still ended up being a washed up tumblr gay who posts half nude pics with 55 tags only to get double digit notes!

Came for his life…

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