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So I began a new project today!

I wrote the first chapter of my follow-up to Cinderella Boy, the second book in the fairy tale retellings. This has the spin you might expect of me, and I hope you like the sound of it.

El Glasse is famous. Not because she wants to be, but because her mother is a best-selling author who gives advice on how to raise good christian children in modern America. Television appearances and her reputation in the community are paramount, and her involvement in politics makes things even more complicated for El. It would be awful if her mother ever uncovered her secret obsession with an older girl from the wrong side of the tracks. It would be devastating if her extremely popular Tumblr chronicling her romantic feelings were ever found.

Except that is precisely what happens.

Forced to choose between a special summer camp or striking out on her own, El packs a bag and runs.

Fearing that her daughter’s disappearance will evolve into a public scandal, El’s mother goes to Riley Vanator, the object of El’s hidden crush. Demanding to know what has happened to El, she shows the girl the blog. It takes one poetic entry dedicated to her for Riley to become certain that letting El go would be a terrible mistake. With a clever plan in mind, she makes a deal to track El down, but never to betray her.

And that, my friends, is all I am saying about it.

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