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Xbox user, Neil Andrew Pike (Zero Fox) had the shock of his life when experimenting with his new Xbox Kinect camera. He saw a shadow like figure to his left. Very creepy! The Kinect camera system will prompt you when a new person is in the room with you, this phenomena however is in most cases dismissed as a glitch by most users if playing alone. To the horror of some gamers around the world, when unboxing their new hardware and checking out the various modes on their Kinect, they have seen some truly unexplainable eerie figures standing in the room with them. (Source)

The fucking demon has CLAWS!!!

Thank god other people see this too

What if they’re just there to fucking play, yo?

“My good sir, there is no need to be afrighted! I am just popping in to partake of the exquisite visuals in “Rise of Nightmares”! Please do not be alarmed and TURN THE FUCKING LIGHT OFF.“

Jesus…That last bit scared me from here. I’m not playing shit with you in the dark. It could be fucking Fable, and I’d be like, nope. Get the hell away from me.

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