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I forgot to mention this

when I was at the doctor today, checking in, there was a person in a wheelchair who came up to the counter and told the receptionists that they needed help because someone had parked in the crossed lines that are between handicap parking spots and they couldn’t get into their car now.


those spots are SPECIFICALLY so people in wheelchairs can get in and out of their cars, they are not for parking.  I don’t care how short of a time it will be. you don’t get to park there.  I’m not sure what the resolution ended up being, and it seemed like the staff weren’t sure what to do to resolve it, but when I came down again after my appointment the person was gone.

but whoever did that basically stranded this person at the dr’s office until something could be done to move the vehicle that was in the way.

don’t be that asshole.

p.s for anyone confused about what area I am talking about

(img source: http://www.myparkingsign.com/blog/wheelchair-ramps-disabled-parking/handicap-parking-space/)

it’s the white crossed line area.  they may be yellow.  or blue.  or some other color.  doesn’t matter.  don’t park there.  not with a car, not with a van, not with a motorcycle, not a shopping cart.  do not put something in the way of those areas.


I can’t tell you how many times I have had to get out of my father’s car and move things out of these areas just so that he could get in and out. Don’t be that asshole

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