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Who never thought about this?

This bothers me

it’s a gas?

fire cannot have a shadow because it is a source of light jesus christ i hate this website

This is the same website that believed you could have unlimited chocolate if you cut it the right way.

These people are our future

Okay so I really really want to know how you trumpet fellating douchefucks managed to spring fully formed into the world, knowing every single little thing that has ever existed ever?

Because shit, that would be some groundbreaking scientific and theological wetdream.

OP is basically going “wow, this is a cool thing. Who else never really considered why this cool science thing does this cool science thing” and eventually some assholes turn up and go; ” i hate this website”, to “THESE people are our future”?

What the frickity frick you fun sucking vampiric pisslords.

Shit son, you are literally the perfect example of why kids go “science is hard and boring”. Because instead of going “Heck yeah! This weird thing happens because gases! Because flames! Because light! Because the world is weird and fun and dude if you think this thing this is cool check out this and this and this!” 

Because instead of going “Yeah, not everyone knows as much as science about me. Everyone has to learn things somewhere; come on friend have I got so much to show you.”

You went; “I’m self absorbed as heckle and I think that everyone MUST  know or they’re just silly ignorant peasants aha lol im smart. Screw this website and the kids on it.”

I could go on all day, but you know what friend? We all have to start somewhere, because education in a single county district can be as unequal and bollocked up as heck, let alone between countries, between ages, between classes, between days and I have so much to show you.

Let’s start here;

Good luck.

i’ve never seen this version yelling at the science hipsters before, good addition

Fuck gatekeepers.

Best post ever.

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