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what goes around comes around

God why would he post that, it’s such a fucking self own.

He is making an excellent argument for the necessity of physical violence.

People who live in a country that legally allows them their opinions without consequence, who then espouses publicly the opinion that people should not be free and should have their rights revoked…have a special place in hell called the “Pit of Irony”

Name of Simon’s stomach

The Bottomless Pit of Irony, if you please.

I’m just picturing you eating him while making Cookie Monster noises

Cookie and I are old acquaintances. His noises are actually my ring tone for Porter. Don’t tell anyone.

And he doesn’t follow your Tumblr?

He is not allowed to, and even if he were, he wouldn’t, because he is too busy to have a Tumblr. The man has a very involved job and two children.

I had to sign an NDA to follow him on Tumblr.

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