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In an attempt to be especially positive today, here is a small list of blogs that I follow that make me happy in some way, or another, whether y’all know it or not. So I figured I’d just put this up here and mention all of you for the sake of getting your attention to let you know you are appreciated.

@the-wiccans-glossary @its–in–the–weave (yes I’m aware that this is actually my own blog, but I appreciate its existence, tbh, because otherwise, there are things that wouldn’t have happened, and people I wouldn’t have met) @simonalkenmayer @vosh-daemon @mylifeisablogpost @nari-the-kitty-queen @lapis606 @shinigami-mistress @fearsomescarecrow @kristinalmeister @become-happier @justbadpuns @good-christian-memes @reapergrellsutcliff @mannhathaway @ladypoetess @moonry @toshio @writing-prompt-s / @promptguy @trickymicky12345 @reinelefey @phoenix-singularity @7hermeticprinciples @ain-individual @waiting4codot @thantos1991

P.S this was put up in no particular order (past the first two). Enjoy my terrible and inconsistant script!


:> Oh yes! I put you and your wife together in this list too, because you two deserve to be together always~!

That is very lovely! My editor is also there! She will be very pleased to hear that!

Of course you guys are! ♡ This list would be incomplete without the two of you.

I have been scolding her for her lack of appearance on this site. She is one of my favorite conversation companions, and yet she does most of it on Facebook messenger or texting and i am annoyed at switching back and forth. Also…she needs to be more social.

But she is a sarcastic curmudgeon, and I am the one saying that. You hear me, @kristinalmeister? You are too misanthropic! You meed humans. Chat more often on here or I will eat you.

I call bullshit.  Good editors are hard to find and you have a bookmark of meals on every device you own.

You are right. I don’t think I could ever fire her. If I did, it would have to be with actual fire, because I am fairly certain she is born of hell and sired by a jackal.

She is all that is pure and innocent.  Because she puts up with YOU.

And what’s wrong with me? I am the highest member on the food chain. I am also charming and friendly. I am delightful, hang you! You hear me? Delightful!

Yes Simon, you are delightful.  But I’d never want to be the one to criticize you and it is an editor’s job to give, albeit constructive, criticism.

Allow me to quote one of my favorite authors, @vampireapologist:


I take criticism very well! If you had seen the state of my journal when she took it up, you would perhaps have a measure of the supreme flexibility of my character and her supernatural skill.

I’m going to have to take you for your word on this.  But, back to the main point, all the more bullshit on idle mocking that you’re going to eat her.

Alright. Perhaps I won’t eat her. Perhaps I will eat a piece of her. She doesn’t need her eyes. I do like eyes…

In that case I believe you.

But see we have completely deviated from the original point of the post, and in the spirit of that original intent, I do humbly thank you for the mention and my tiny little hearts.

Lol I love you guys ♡ I’m thoroughly amused by your banter, both of you ♡ and this si why you’re appreciated

Thank your stats @kristinalmeister hasnt seen these messages yet.

You mean “stars” asshole?

– The Editor

P.S. Eat me.

As you know, I could be easily persuaded. How are your eyes?

In seriousness, or for eating purposes?

In seriousness, they’re bugging the shit out of me. Staring at devices is bad for them, the strain of looking at the tiny print is bad for them. I’ve noticed a decrease in depth perception and clarity, and I am almost completely blind in the left. I have migraines now every couple days, which hasn’t happened since the 9th grade. It’s shitty.

For food purposes, you can have the left one. I really don’t use it at all.

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