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Ok u mentioned not having a goth phase bc religious parents. Ok what were ur makeup rules? Mine was no black/dark nail polish and no black lipstick (esp with no black eyeshadow). My mom could care less if I was listening to satanic death metal but gosh darn it I was not allowed to wear dark makeup


It was different for my younger sisters, but I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup aside from some pre-approved lip balms until high school. And then in high school there weren’t set rules I just had to run all my makeup products by my mom before purchasing them (”had to” did not always translate to me actually doing that tho, like my lovely friend ET got me black nail polish for my birthday one year bc she is a saint). 

I would sometimes get sent back upstairs if my eyeliner was too dark, but I didn’t actually wear makeup all that often in high school after the initial OMG I CAN WEAR MAKEUP SO I GOTTA stage wore off

Oh man, I had this. My mom blew a gasket the first time I borrowed some of her makeup to do my face for my first formal. I was like, “Mom…you bought me a black velvet dress and silver high heels…but more importantly, you took me to see cats when I was like five…and NOW you’re scolding me about eyeshadow?”

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