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I have an essay to write.












About something exciting and to do with climate change. But, it will have to wait a couple of hours, because I am busy drinking a Budweiser Lime-a-rita.

I said it.

Shut your filthy mouth.

Yes it is awful. Please don’t.

Im educating my palate.


Bad Recipe Challenge: fix it


It is so awful. I can expound upon why in another entry.

You poor thing. Best wishes?

Oh, heavens why did I do this?

I can taste every single process.

Merciful Saints. Why is it so large?

Simon! Stop drinking it!

No…now give it a chance.

Also wasted alcohol and fermented product is a crime.

There’s other uses for beer. You could use it in chili. Or as bait in snail/slug traps. 

It is so god-awful sweet. My god why?

It’s sweet? It must have gotten the sweetness that the watermelon-rita didn’t.

This is proof there is no deity.

A watermelon-a-rita?

@kristinalmeister would you die? Or is it all artificial?

And yes this is sweet. Let me describe it.

Imagine you took spoiled limes and boiled them down to a sludge and added white sugar. Then you added a bit of tequila and a billion gallons of pisswater.

My face has been contorted for about an hour.

I hate this.

I’m going to drink it.

I generally don’t risk it since I once nearly died in a shitty bar from drinking something with midori in it

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