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Black hole event horizons are real, new evidence suggests

  • Astronomers have shown that
    matter likely disappears after entering a black hole, refuting an
    alternate theory that matter is destroyed by colliding into a hard
    surface in space.
  • It’s a big deal because humanity hardly understands what black holes really are. Hollywood has incorrectly envisioned them as “cosmic vacuums” or separate time-traveling dimensions, and they’re still a mystery to the fleets of scientific labs studying them.
  • As it stands, two prominent theories describe what happens to stars in space. One is the “event horizon
    theory, which argues that matter essentially gets sucked up into black
    holes and then vanishes.
  • Event horizons are basically a boundary around a
    black hole that is literally inescapable. Their force of gravity is so
    strong that nothing — including light — can escape it. Read more (5/31/17)

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This is interesting and also horrifying

where does it go if its not in our universe anymore, but the black hole is still not a gateway?

Is it just… energy?

My sister will never sleep again @unicornofthecentury

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