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Is it just me or is the “body positive” movement not working? Like at all?

Other people have said this before/better, but the problem was presenting all women as beautiful as opposed to eliminating the need for women to be beautiful

It’s not working because the focus is STILL on trying to view yourself as attractive no matter how you look, instead of (as stated above) eliminating the need to feel “attractive.“

The body positive movement SHOULD be focused on bodily autonomy and taking care of your health. The best way to be “positive” toward your body is to treat it well, not by repeating some “I am beautiful” mantra over and over. You don’t have to be pretty. You don’t have to see yourself as pretty. Others don’t have to see you as pretty. PRETTY IS NOT IMPORTANT. Pretty is not your worth. You exist for you, not for anyone else’s gaze.

Couldn’t agree more. I don’t want to be beautiful. I want people to fear pissing me off. I have that going on with my face. Need it in my upper arms and wide set hips. I want anyone who wants to attack me in an alley to fear that I might pop their head off their shoulders like a fucking zit with my thick ass thighs.

Screw Beauty. Screw Pretty. Screw all of that.

My mom said that to me once. I was getting ready to go somewhere and she was like “Don’t you want to wear something more pretty?”

And I was like…”I’m going to be giving a talk, Mom, not walking a fucking fashion show. I am me. I am not pretty.”

She says “Well, not like that you aren’t, but you could be if you tried.”

“Who wants to try that shit? I like being just like I am.”

“I can see that.”

Woman. You squeezed me out of your body, but don’t think that doesn’t mean I will fucking end you, so help me. “Mom, I’ve slapped bitches in school for less than that. Just remember that.”

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