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I know there isn’t a ton of crossover between tumblr and the oTher site I post Fantomestein on (*cough* t/p/s/t/c) BUT, I am posting this here because I’m not sure what do to.

Ok, so, essentially, aforementioned website t*p*stic has decided to break all our hearts and be awful to creators by claiming rights over our work–modifying their TOS to include a right of first refusal. There’s more info/break down about it here

I’m honestly heartbroken over it. It is incredibly hard to maintain/post/make revenue off of the comic and this platform was actually helping me out a little. Not to mention helping garner new readers. The pages on t*pas get way more feedback than those here on tumblr, so pulling the comic is going to…sting. Haha, hoo boy. In short, as of this week, Fantomestein is only going to be available to read here on tumblr. I will be deleting everything from T*p*stic.

 Anyway, just wanted to put this out there as a warning (to those using the platform) and as a heads up to those who might be following the comic there. It looks like I am going to have to take everything down soon–and for the meantime, tumblr is all I’ve got. 

I have been wanting to set up a more official hosting site for a while now–but have not had the time, energy, resources to do so. I still have none of those things, but I guess now I have panic and desperation so *shrug* better than nothing? Necessity is the mother of invention…

Anyway, if you know anyone who reads the comic via t*p*stic, please let them know about the change! I am afraid to say anything on the site, as they have been known to block/report posts that tell readers to follow comics on other sites. Thanks for your help! 

This sucks. And I am very sad. 

Oh no this is awful…. 😦

Heads up for anyone else wanting to post their webcomics! Don’t use that one.

Can you explain this to me better? Or would you like me to contact them and get an explanation?

I think you’d better check

I know that I work only on the publishing side of their business platform, which involves exclusivity as a natural consequence, but let me see if I can explain their reasoning.

They are a venture capital, start up. Which means that so far all their funding comes from investments largely from foreign investors. They absolutely must display a profit of some kind. Exclusivity comes with profit. Because contact creators must market their content exclusively through that site, meaning that any viewer we have access only that site in order to attain the content. Tapas has to go the same way as all of its competition, or can’t compete.

That being said, there is a slight offset here between their data analysis of their market, and reality. When I originally began publishing my book/top us, they asked me not to demonstrate any connectivity between my books and my social media platforms, which was counter to the very reasons that I began my experiment. I indicated to them that this was not a wise decision, considering the majority of my readership contact me via my social media, and my social media constantly poles and readers. I told them that it would be wise for them to analyze how many people come to my books by other platforms, specifically the links that I have put on my Tumblr account. I think if you could demonstrate that your Tumblr account does not get as many hints as the Tapas account, or could demonstrate that Tumblr is a fitting advertisement for Topos you might have a case to make for them to be lax in there exclusivity. Perhaps it would mean that you post only the first panel of a comic strip on Tumblr, like a lure.

I know that this is less than you wanted, but as of right now, Tapas is attempting to achieve financial solidarity and equilibrium, and this means there are some things it has to do to achieve that. It isn’t ideal and it is unfortunate, but without measures similar to this, the whole thing would fold and vanish entirely.

This is just my reading of the situation based upon my acquaintance with the staff and my knowledge of their finances.

I’ve emailed the VP of Acquisitions to get some perspective and have suggested they include contractual language to do with rights reversion, so we will see what happens with that. No idea if it will help, but my book is still on their top ten. So I humbly assert that I do make them enough money to have them at least give my email some sort of glance over.

@kristinalmeister you should also be involved in this.

Wow, this is kind of out of the blue for me because I haven’t talked to them in about a month. I mean I know from working with them for publishing stuff, that they were just out of phase two of their funding, like you said they’re venture cap, so they have to eventually pay the bills. So Exclusivity is eventually gonna be an issue. With any publishing contract (as far as books are concerned) exclusivity is the only thing of issue. I think that if a company doesn’t compromise a content creator for their work, then they have no right to demand exclusivity. But that’s my personal opinion as a content creator. As an intern at an agency…I see it from both sides. You’re right though, there needs to be contractual clauses that have to do with reversion of rights if the creator believes that the contract has not been made fruitful.

Watch me…emailing some folks…

Sorry this is happening.

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