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Click here to support Karen’s Work Wardrobe Fund organized by Karen Marrs





My name is Karen Marrs I’m a 33yo mom to 3 kids and wife to Pat of 14 years.   I’m also a federal work study at a local university here in Columbus Ohio.  As such, my income is pretty fixed.  My husband is also mentally and physically disabled so while he collects ssdi, it too is fixed.  We have enough to get by and pay rent and utilities.  We’re not going to go hungry.  But when it comes to the extras like clothes for the adults, there just isn’t a lot I can do.  Recently with the addition of a new medication for my mental health, I gained about 40-50 pounds and I’m trying to get some of that weight off, but you know how it is.  In the meantime, I’ve lost a good chunk of my wardrobe.  What’s left to me, I’m wearing and wearing and it’s just getting worn out.  It has so many holes in it.  Some in seams I can get my mom to mend.  But some not so easily fixed.  Not so it will look good.  And I have to look professional in this job.  I’m just a work study, but I’m a face of a major university.  Not to mention, with my depression, when I look like trash I feel like trash.  Ideally I would like to fund $650 dollars.  That would buy me what I have picked out.  It’s not top of the line clothes, but they aren’t cheap, going to wear out in a year either.  This is all work clothes.  I’m not trying to buy yoga pants with this.  I’ve picked out: 5 dresses, 5 shirts, 5 skirts, and a pair of pants.  I don’t really like pants.  I think they are uncomfortable.  But I feel like I should own a pair that fits me.  These are pinstriped.  I like pinstriped pants, so that’s cool at least.  All these clothes are machine washable.  No special care instructions.  Um.  They are really pretty, but basic.  I’m toying with adding on a couple of new bras.  We’ll see how fundraising goes.  If I get close to my goal quickly I’ll do that.  If not, screw the bras.  I just bought new socks and panties, so I’m good there.  I wear cheap shoes and my mom just bought me a pair recently.  Not going to lie, they are black keds.  I wore them white when I was a kid.  But they don’t hurt my feet (I have fibromyalgia), they last me a good 4 months if not longer when I wear them with socks, and they only cost me 40$.  Um.  I’m rambling.  So um.  This is me and my story.  I need work clothes but I need help!

I do like gofundme. This notion of “crowdsourcing” is far superior to the alms of the old days. Karen, would you consider also possibly making an Amazon or eBay list? Perhaps people would be willing to buy certain items too?

As requested, here is the link to the Amazon list.  It’ll get changed around as clothes get sold out, but I’l keep it true to the original parameters a set in how many items and the total amount.  Just most of the dresses there are only 1 or 2 left.  So I might have to find new dresses.

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Click here to support Karen’s Work Wardrobe Fund organized by Karen Marrs

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