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What they don’t mention about #growingupwithstrictparents:





– The resentment that begins to build up and damage your relationship with your parents because your missing out on being a kid.

– The self destructive tendencies that develop when you get your freedom.

– Extreme Behaviour that can be dangerous because you feel as if you have to catch up on all the life you have been missing.

– A constant sadness that your never going to live life enough. 

– Developing anxiety over doing things as simple as riding the bus.

– Massive issues with authority. 

– Fear of commitment because you feel as though it is going to tie you down and take away from your freedom again. 


And not a lie was spoken




Also you learn how to lie way too easily
You don’t trust people or public spaces because anyone could be a predator
You can’t talk to your parents about anything because they take honest topics and turn it into a discussion about what you shouldn’t be doing with your life
You can’t do basic tasks or take initiative because you’re so used to someone telling you how and where to do everything that any and everything fills you with anxiety and stress

I had a different experience. I got angry. I was so angry by the time I was old enough to leave my house, someone could have offered me a million dollars to stay one year and I wouldn’t have done it. And it’s not like the strictness ends when you leave. It continues throughout your life. So it’s not like you ever get to solve anything until you get so angry you cut them out of your life. And even then, the anger is poisoning you. It may be your motivation, but what happens when suddenly you get to a good place, when you have what your anger pushed you toward: like a safe place, a good relationship, a career? What then? What motivates you when the anger fails and stops? Then you’re standing there without the anger trying to find a path.

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