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sometimes i forget how straight people won’t jump at the chance to watch a show with gay rep in it. i literally said to my straight friend today “oh you should watch this show, it has lesbians in it” and she stared at me for a good few minutes in confusion before asking “uh?? okay??? but what’s the plot”

Cannot tell me how many times my mom has said to me “You’ll love this! It’s got gay people in it!” And I’ve said…“But mom, how many bad shows/movies have you seen with straight people in them?” And she’s like “Well, a lot” And I say “Yeah like I’m willing to bet MOST of them, actually. And so why does the sexuality of a character determine if the film/show is good or bad, or if I’ll like it?” And she always…always gives me that annoyed mom-face and says “Well I’m just trying to understand you” and I’m like……..

“Try harder?”

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