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It bothers me to see how many people are saying stuff like “I thought Bill Nye was supposed to be the science guy, he’s buying into this SJW cuck libtard stuff! Science says there are only two genders!” in response to Bill Nye covering gender and sexuality on Bill Nye Saves the World.

…Like, did they even listen to what he said? Have they read any peer-reviewed literature about the subject? Is their understanding of “gender” limited to a middle school understanding of X and Y chromosomes? Bill Nye addressed chromosomes, hormones, genitalia and secondary sex characteristics when talking about how some of us don’t fit into the male/female sex dichotomy, and brought up psychology and neuroscience when talking about gender and its difference from sex, and also sexuality. The actual science of sex, gender and sexuality across the animal kingdom and across human behaviour is far more interesting than “lol nope science says there are only two genders.” 

It honestly makes me angry when people say “lol I thought this was about science” whenever a scientist says something about topics like gender, sexuality, climate change or evolution that annoys someone. You can’t just pretend science is on your side when your understanding of science is based on a grade school textbook.

Also, why is it only gender people seem to have a problem with? Yeah, basic school textbooks will talk about XX and XY chromosomes and the male and female reproductive system, but they’ll also talk about how humans have five fingers on each hand and how the eye works when everyone knows some humans are born with six fingers on each hand or born blind. Textbooks will talk about how our body metabolises fats, but nobody would say “lol no sorry science says otherwise” at someone (like one of my secondary school classmates) who had a rare disorder who couldn’t metabolise fats. We accept that sweeping statements about human biology are generalisations. Sure, there are limits – no humans have wings or feathers, that would go against science – but we all accept some level of human diversity outside the basic-level textbooks – diversity that’s described well in the advanced medical textbooks. So why is it people only apply this logic to gender and not other differences in human biology?

I think part of it could be the backlash against postmodern nonsense which suggests everything is opinion and science is no more objective than art, which is a blatantly anti-science attitude. But the idea that sex, gender and sexuality aren’t totally binary isn’t just postmodern gender theory, it’s actual science with empirical evidence to back it up. 

Thank you OP for saying this openly. The fact is, the human species is as diverse as any other. Diversity and Individuality are the things that make up our species. To see people borrow science when it suits them and then discard it when it doesn’t, really pisses me off. I don’t understand what, besides fear, makes it impossible for some people to accept that there are many ways to live and that there is no “scientifically” upheld way. There’s “the most common” but that, as the name implies, is not absolute. Sociological studies have demonstrated that gender is a sociologically reinforced and learned behavior. And can be moreso for others and less so for others. It isn’t biological, and even if it was, there are countless small tweaks that can happen to a body that change all that information as it enters the brain, or how the brain receives that information.

And really the only real question that matters is:

Why the fuck do they care? Why? What is so surprising and disturbing about the notion that other people exist differently that so violates or offends them? And why do they feel their offense is more important than someone else being free to live as they choose?

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