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Something that makes me happy


Giant, fat-bodied bees. Fluffy, fuzzy, bees as big as your thumb, floating through the air doing efficacious things. They’re so very beautiful. I wish it was possible to make friends with them, but they are ambivalent. I don’t speak bee. I’m worthless to the bee. But nothing makes me happier than to catch movement from the corner of my eye and see an obese little bee, puttering along on her quest. Especially if she happens to stop somewhere near me and allows me to have a closer look. Every bee is beautiful.

Nothing enrages me more than to watch someone harm a bee. I will slit your throat and upend you into my slurpee cup, you worthless fuck…if you harm that sweet, fat, little bee.

But ants can go straight to the devil who made them. Off with you. None of that.

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