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Once a family friend had been promising for months that they were going to make a lasagna. I was so hyped for this lasagna. The day finally came. It looked and smelled beautiful. Turns out our friend decided she wanted to spice it up a little and added green peppers and chili powder. To a lasagna. I’m still distraught over it, and now I have a craving for lasagna.












Why is that bad? I mean to say that I can understand being upset that the lasagna did not taste like the lasagna you expected, but honestly…I think that sounds like a very good addition. Honestly though…this puts me in mind of making a Mexican fusion lasagna that is actually balanced. I think it would be rather like a deconstructed enchilada.

As the resident hater of both cooked green peppers and lasagna with bullshit in it other than cheese, sauce, and noodles, I offer my sincere condolences

Yes…your raisin pork monstrosity of a lasagna shall haunt my waking moments until the universe sees fit to interrupt the continuity of this humble neural network and sent its electrical input back out into the void.

I’m sorry I made you join my unending suffering

It will end when we die.

raisin pork monstrosity of a lasagna


I hold a “Bad Recipe” contest a couple times a year. @youcantseebutimmakingaface won with her great aunt’s raisin pork lasagna. The prize was an autographed book and a “fixed” version of the recipe. It took all I had, but I feel I somehow managed to make something perfectly edible.

My life is mediocrity and suffering

I still think @papayaman1000’s pineapple shaped meat Jell-o is worse. I am still…STILL to this very moment trying to find a way to fix it and failing utterly. I fear that mayonnaise slathered nightmare is a perfect form of wretchedness in which it is impossible to find out ANY hope of redemption. Now don’t “get me wrong”, I’m a fanatic for all things meat…but there’s just nothing interesting or well done about it. Just a lump of liver-jello coated in thick, colored mayo and studded with olives…topped with the stem of a pineapple? Why? What does that have to do with anything?

I really do just…feel so sorry for you.

That is… the Worst Thing I’ve ever heard

That is why he won the second contest.

Ew…who the fuck invented that?

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