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French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)








This is a very funny but also well done news broadcast on the importance of the upcoming election in France…that is dangerously close to electing another Trump-like, anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, antisemitic, populist “garbage-human”. Do give it a watch and if you know anyone in France, please do encourage them to vote.

Gah! My soul hurts.. This does not bode well. What is happening to the world?!
How are so many people identifying with these lunatics that they end up winning high level positions in governments?!
I should try and do some traveling soon before the world becomes a nuclear wasteland…

It happens about every fifty years. Because humans are forgetful.

I watched this last night. It’s been last than a year and people already forgot.

Sacré bleu!

? This was the latest episode.

I meant the election (Trump). In that people already forgot the orange Cheeto the US elected into office & that the same stupidity is happening across the pond.

Yes, this surge of white nationalism is alarming, but honestly that’s only in contrast to the more liberal culture of the day. In the 30’s before the war, the sentiment of this country was highly charged both racially and economically. There was very strong nationalist tendencies and a much more conservative culture. So I’m not entirely sure this new wave constitutes a pattern. I think that it is still “better” than it was fifty years ago, and the seeming minority of liberals are actually a bit louder and more organized than they were. They’re also largely composed of the young, which is promising.

French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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