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drop the idea that you need some deep philosophical meaning behind your tattoo, if you got a tattoo simply because its aesthetically pleasing and for no other reason then good for you 

aestheticism is the theory of art for art’s sake, and was championed by Oscar Wilde with the belief that surrounding oneself with beautiful things can directly influence the person one becomes. im taking a class on it. so basically every time u get a cool tattoo or a brooch u find in an antique store or a pretty wall print ‘just because u like it,’ Oscar Wilde is nodding approvingly

My sole mission in life is to make Oscar Wilde’s ghost approve of me

All my tattoos are deeply meaningful to me and have personal importance. My best friend died at 24 and I wear the tattoo he got when he found out he was dying. Art for art’s sake? Maybe, but that’s just aesthetic. Art to provide meaning, to me that lasts forever.

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