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Would you have any advice to someone who has never cosplayed, only has sewing skills for the most basic of repair work, is clueless about makeup and wigs, has never laid a finger on a sewing machine, can’t afford to pay someone to make anything, and has no clue at all where to start? There are characters I like very much, but don’t feel I can “be” them, also, gender isn’t a factor.


Choose a character and start learning.

A LOT of cosplayers start out with no knowledge! Learn from others, learn from your mistakes and stick to it. If your sewing skills are basic you can start with basic costumes and aim to alter existing clothing. If you don’t know much about makeup start binge watching youtube makeup guru playlists and get some basics to play around with at home. If you like hand sewing then stick with it, and invest in a machine when you have the funds and want to learn. You don’t have to do everything all at once, building your skill set and your collection of tools/materials will take some time. Aim to be better than your former self, rather than comparing your skill level to others.  

For the most part, the play part of cosplay is having a good time. You don’t have to “be” the character; you can just be a fan in a costume. However, try out getting into character for pictures, roleplaying a bit with other fans or acting in the masquerade competitions and find out if you like “being” the character and work at getting better at it if you enjoy it.

As for where to start? Once you’ve decided on a character I suggest breaking down their outfit into smaller parts: what are they wearing and does it look like anything that you could find at a mall? Then make plans on how to tackle each part and if you get stuck, start researching. There are a ton of great tutorials out there and many cosplayers are willing to give help and advice. 

You can do it!

Duckie / Admin

YOUTUBE DIY AND COSTUME BLOGS Best way. It’s also why I do my DIY blog entries

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