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someone just messaged me telling me they’re gonna study abroad in Ireland and would like to know about my time there and any tips I have and I said “well I was in Scotland so I can’t tell you anything about Ireland haha” and I’m worried it was too harsh but? ?

OMG ! I just booked my accommodation for just over a month in Scotland yesterday for (Dec/Jan) so I can get my bearings before going over to live & study.

Curtin Uni here in W.A have transferable Degrees with Edinburgh Uni in many subjects & I’m going that route during my Ancestry Visa application.

Can you tell me all about how you found Scotland to be ? I’m staying in Balgreen 🙂

That’s super exciting!

I was only in Edinburgh for a day for the Fringe Festival ( a huge comedy festival that I DEFINITELY recommend checking out while you’re there).

Mostly I was in a town outside of Glasgow. I didn’t do too much touristy stuff, but that was more than okay!! It’s a lovely country with plenty of fun to find.

Since you’re in Edinburgh, especially at a school, there will def be plenty of other Americans and international students, so it won’t be a Thing that you’re American.

But around Glasgow, when people heard my accent, they’d stop to chat with me. So if you’re in any Not-As-Touristy areas, be prepared for small-talk (the same as a Scottish person could expect if they popped by Columbus, Ohio or something).

My main suggestion is to take advantage of public transit and really explore while you’re there! Scotland is “small” by US standards, but it’s bursting at the seams with fun and culture and places to explore. Go to Stirling, go to the Irish Sea, visit the cute Occult shops in Glasgow, see some concerts, and PLEASE eat battered sausage as much as possible and think of me haha.

Have fun!! I hope to study there soon myself!

*standard Shining Folk, Gentry, Faire People warnings*

I’ve been to Edinburgh many times. I’ll say the city is sort of divided in half, Old and New Town. Old town is the castles and famous places. New town is circa Georgian era, so lots of greek revival and victorian. I love the whole city really, but depending on where you’re staying, I can also give advice

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